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None of my work needs to be read in order, but if I was going to begin reading me for the first time, this is the order I'd read them in. You will find descriptions of each book in this same order on their respective series pages.

Jack Daniels Thrillers


#1—Whiskey Sour
#2—Bloody Mary
#3—Rusty Nail
#4—Dirty Martini
#5—Fuzzy Navel
#6—Cherry Bomb
#8—Stirred (with Blake Crouch)
#9—Rum Runner
#10—Last Call
#11—White Russian
PREQUEL #1—Shot of Tequila
PREQUEL #2—Serial Killers Uncut (with Blake Crouch)
PREQUEL #3—Lady 52 (with Jude Hardin)
PREQUEL #4—Jack Daniels Stories

Short Stories and Collections

Jack Daniels Stories** (collected stories)
Banana Hammock
Suckers (with Jeff Strand)
Planter's Punch (with Tom Schreck)
Floaters (with Henry Perez)
Burners (with Henry Perez)
Truck Stop (short, included in Serial Killers Uncut, Jack Daniels Stories, and 65 Proof)
Babe on Board (short with Ann Voss Peterson)
With a Twist (short, included in Jack Daniels Stories, and 65 Proof)
Street Music (short, included in Jack Daniels Stories, and 65 Proof)
Jacked Up! (short with Tracy Sharp)
Straight Up (short with Iain Rob Wright)
Racked (short with Jude Hardin)
October Dark (with Joshua Simcox)
Beat Down (short with Garth Perry)
Cheese Wrestling (short with Bernard Schaffer)
Abductions (short with Garth Perry)
Babysitting Money (short with Ken Lindsey)
Watched Too Long (short with Ann Voss Peterson)

Phineas Troutt Thrillers


#1—Dead on My Feet
#2—Dying Business
#3—Everybody Dies

Mystery Puzzle Books

#1—Stop A Murder—How: Puzzles 1-12
#2—Stop A Murder—Where: Puzzles 13-24
#3—Stop A Murder—Why: Puzzles 25-36
#4—Stop A Murder—Who: Puzzles 37-48
#5—Stop A Murder—When: Puzzles 49-60
Stop A Murder—Complete Cases: Puzzles 1-60

Codename: Chandler Thrillers

(featuring Jack Daniels, these fit in between Fuzzy Navel and Cherry Bomb)


Flee (with Ann Voss Peterson)
Spree (with Ann Voss Peterson)
Three (with Ann Voss Peterson)
Free (with Ann Voss Peterson coming in 2017)

Short novels

Hit (with Ann Voss Peterson)
Exposed (with Ann Voss Peterson)
Naughty (with Ann Voss Peterson)
Fix (with Ann Voss Peterson and F. Paul Wilson)

Timecaster Series

(featuring Jack Daniels)


Timecaster Supersymmetry
Timecaster Steampunk (coming in 2019)

Konrath Horror Collective


Serial Killers Uncut (with Blake Crouch)
The List
Afraid (previous published under pen name Jack Kilborn)
Trapped (previous published under pen name Jack Kilborn)
Endurance (previous published under pen name Jack Kilborn)
Haunted House (previous published under pen name Jack Kilborn)
Holes in the Ground (with Iain Rob Wright)
Webcam (previous published under pen name Jack Kilborn)
Draculas (with Blake Crouch, Jeff Strand, and F. Paul Wilson)
Grandma? (a serial comedy horror novel with Talon Konrath)

Erotica as Melinda DuChamp

Short Novels

Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland
Fifty Shades of Alice Through the Looking Glass
Fifty Shades of Alice at the Hellfire Club
Fifty Shades of Jezebel and the Beanstalk
Fifty Shades of Puss in Boots
Fifty Shades of Goldilocks
The Sexperts: Fifty Grades of Shay
The Sexperts: Girl With A Pearl Necklace
Want It Bad
The Seven Year Witch

Other Works

Short Stories and Collections

The Globs of Use-A-Lot 3 (with Dan Maderak)
Wild Night is Calling (short with Ann Voss Peterson)
Shapeshifters Anonymous (short)
The Screaming (short)
The Agreement (short)
65 Proof** (short story omnibus)
Crime Stories** (collected stories, also included in the print version of Disturb)
Horror Stories** (collected stories)
A Newbies Guide to Publishing
Dumb Jokes & Vulgar Poems
How to Stop Farting (as Doctor Hans Uberass)
How to Give Good Sex (as Doctor Hans Uberass)
How to Get Rich (as Doctor Hans Uberass)
How to Attract the Opposite Sex (as Doctor Hans Uberass)

** Note: The contents of each collection can be found here.