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There are three ways to buy books on this site using the links on either the Books or Store pages:

#1. You can buy the ebook, paperbook, and audiobook from Amazon.

#2. You can buy signed hard copies of select titles using PayPal. If you'd like them personalized or dedicated, please make a note in the comments section on PayPal. Note: even if you click the PayPal buttons on separate site pages, it's all still one cart.

#3. You can buy certain ebook titles, autographed by the author, via Autography. Simply click on the Autography logo beneath the available books. It will take you to the Autography.com page, where you can pay via credit card or PayPal. The ebook will then be placed in Joe Konrath's queue, and when he's signed it (within 24 hours) it will be emailed to you in the format you choose (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc). How cool is that?

#4. You can get the audiobook of many of my titles for free on Audible. Audible is an ebook subscription service, sort of like a Netflix for audiobooks. Follow this link to start a 30-day trial membership and get my Jack Daniels novel, RUM RUNNER (narrated by rock star Bob Walkenhorst and yours truly) for free.


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