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Lady 52
Latest Jack Daniels Novel!
JA Konrath Newsletter

Author Joe Konrath here.

This is my first newsletter in a long time. My plan is to release a few per year, sharing updates on everything new that I'm doing.

If you feel as if you're on this list by mistake, or would like to opt out, simply click on the link below.

So what's new?

Maddee James at xuni.com gave my website a much needed overhaul. Now www.JAKonrath.com has been completely updated with a cool new look, and it's much easier to navigate.

I have a lot of new books available, including the ninth Jack Daniels novel, LADY 52, co-written with Jude Hardin, as well as many new Jack Daniels stories written with Tracy Sharp (JACKED UP), Bernard schaffer (CHEESE WRESTLING), Iain Rob Wright (STRAIGHT UP), Garth Perry (ABDUCTIONS and BEAT DOWN), Joshua Simcox (OCTOBER DARK), Jude Hardin (RACKED), and Ken Lindsey (BABYSITTING MONEY). These have been lot of fun to write, and I believe that fun is on the page.

New Short Stories

The Codename: Chandler sexy espionage series, written with Ann Voss Peterson, is now up to six titles (HIT, EXPOSED, NAUGHTY, FLEE, SPREE, THREE). These are thrillers, loaded with action, humor, and cameos of characters from my other books. If you like Jack Daniels, you'll like these (especially since Jack is in several of them).

Codename: Chandler

I've also been writing funny erotica under the pen name Melinda DuChamp. These books have the humor of my mysteries, but are for adults only. Very sexy, very hot, there are five novellas so far (FIFTY SHADES OF ALICE IN WONDERLAND, FIFTY SHADES OF ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, FIFTY SHADES OF JEZEBEL AND THE BEANSTALK, THE SEXPERTS: FIFTY GRADES OF SHAY, THE SEXPERTS: GIRL WITH A PEARL NECKLACE).

Erotica Stories

All of these new works are listed on the website, along with an updated FAQ. You can also order autographed paper books directly from me, and I'd be happy to inscribe them however you wish.

Holes in the Ground & Last Call

If you're a librarian, I've begun a new business where I sell ebooks directly to libraries. Check out my For Libraries page for details.

Coming out in early April is HOLES IN THE GROUND, a sequel to my technothriller ORIGIN, co-written with Iain Rob Wright, and this Spring I'll publish LAST CALL, the tenth Jack Daniels novel (and a direct sequel to STIRRED), co-written with Blake Crouch.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!



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