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Extra Stuff

Draculas was written by me, Blake Crouch, Jeff Strand, and F. Paul Wilson. The character of Clayton Theel also appears in Serial Killers Uncut.

Disturb was a stand-alone medical thriller, but there's a short reference to Biologen at the end of Cherry Bomb.

Javier Estrada is the main antagonist of Blake Crouch's Snowbound, and Isaiah Brown is the main antagonist of Blake Crouch's Abandon. They both appear in his Lettie Dobesh stories (Confidence Girl) and also appear in Spree.

Jeff Strand's character Andrew Mayhem has a cameo in Banana Hammock.

Tom Schreck's character Duffy Dombrowski has a cameo in Stirred.

Henry Perez's character Alex Chapa has cameos in Shaken and Stirred.

Ann Voss Peterson's characters Val Ryker and David Lund star in her novels Pushed Too Far and Burned Too Hot, and also appear in Spree.

Talon Avalon, the hero of the Timecaster series, is the grandson of Jack Daniels and Phineas Troutt.

A recurring villain in the Timecaster series, Teague VanCamp, is the grandson of Josh and Fran VanCamp (Afraid, Haunted House).

The short stories Serial, Serial Uncut, Killers, Killers Uncut, Birds of Prey, Bad Girl, and Break You are all compiled in the collection Serial Killers Uncut co-written with Blake Crouch. It also includes almost every villain Blake and I have written up until 2010.