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Lieutenant Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels operates in a space where humor and suspense collide. As a Chicago homicide cop, Jack has faced cases that range from funny to frightening, from romantic to heartbreaking. But the Jack Daniels and Associates World doesn't end with Jack. Her supporting cast includes fellow cops, hit men, wise guys, private detectives, criminals, and maniacs. J.A. Konrath's Jack Daniels mysteries span genres (mystery, police procedural, thriller, horror, and science fiction) and time (more than one hundred years of adventures), and now it's your turn to take this versatile World and keep the humor—or nail biting—going. Konrath believes books are like amusement park rides; they should be fast, fun, entertaining, and exhilarating. To submit a story, visit the Jack Daniels Kindle Worlds page and to check out what other authors are writing, you can find KW stories on Amazon.com here.


Shot of Tequila Whiskey Sour Bloody Mary The List Rusty Nail Dirty Martini Jack Daniels Stories Fuzzy Navel
Cherry Bomb Shaken Stirred Rum Runner Haunted House Webcam Timecaster Timecaster Supersymmetry

STIRRED with Blake Crouch
HAUNTED HOUSE (under the pen name Jack Kilborn)

Books that intersect with the Jack Daniels canon, whose scenarios and characters are also part of Konrath's Kindle World are:

Origin Disturb Afraid Trapped Endurance

AFRAID (under the pen name Jack Kilborn)
TRAPPED (under the pen name Jack Kilborn)
ENDURANCE (under the pen name Jack Kilborn)

Jack also interacts with a female spy known as Chandler. Her sandbox is separate from the Jack Daniels and Associates Kindle World. If you would like to use Chandler, or any of the main Chandler characters, in story, please submit to the Codename: Chandler Kindle World.


Lieutenant Jacqueline Daniels, Chicago Violent Crimes Unit
Jack is every bit as tough as her name; she didn't get to be one of the highest ranking cops in the Midwest by writing parking tickets. She solves the high profile cases, her dogged determination and keen eye for detail every bit as potent as the .38 under her blazer.

Jack is older than her peers in the genre, being a mature woman of forty-six. She has an estranged ex-husband and an outspoken, elderly mom. Her love life is a disaster, mostly due to the demands of the job. To complicate matters, Jack has plenty of time to dwell on her problems because she suffers from insomnia.

But despite the odds, Jack's attitude is positive and even light-hearted. Though the killers she chases are monstrous, Jack balances the horror with a healthy, self-deprecating sense of humor. Because of this, her cases sometimes recall Barney Miller as much as Silence of the Lambs.

Jack Daniels is introduced in Whiskey Sour. It begins with a shocking murder, and the promise of more to follow. Only Jack's unique skills can save the city from the wrath of a brilliant psychotic. But the case escalates beyond anything Jack has ever known when the killer picks her to be the next victim.

Prior to 2006, she lived in an apartment in Chicago. After 2006 she moved to a house in Bensenville. After 2009 she quit the CPD to work with her old partner, Harry McGlade, as a private detective. Post 2012 she has a baby daughter, Samantha, with her boyfriend Phineas Troutt.

Detective Herb Benedict
Jack's partner. Mid-fifties, married, constantly eating snack foods—the easy-going yin to Jack's hard-boiled yang. Herb is Jack's surrogate big brother, looking out for her even though she outranks him. He appears as Jack's stalwart companion throughout the series. His wife is named Bernice. Up until 2009 he was a Detective First Class, and then was promoted to Sergeant.

Phineas Trout
Ten years Jack's junior, one of her only friends, he's a criminal (strong arm work, robbery, hustling) who has prostate cancer. In the early days of their relationship, Jack plays pool with Phin once a week, and often seeks his advice on difficult cases even though they are on opposite sides of the law. In 2012 they become romantically involved and have a baby girl, Samantha.

Harry McGlade
Cross Mike Hammer with Danny DeVito, and you have Harry. He continually pops up as a witness or suspect in Jack's cases, to her continuous annoyance. Prior to 2005, his was her partner. Then he became a freelance private eye. When Jack quits the police force in 2009, she becomes Harry's partner in the private sector. Harry is rude, funny, obnoxious, but has a good heart under his rough exterior. In Rusty Nail he lost his right hand, and now has a robotic prosthesis.

Margaret Streng
Jack's mom, a former Chicago cop herself, had to play both parents because Jack's father died young. Loretta is outspoken, promiscuous, tough, but increasingly fragile in her autumn years.

Mr. Friskers
A stray cat Jack finds in Bloody Mary. Unlike the lovable, crime-solving critters that frequent so many modern mysteries, Mr. Friskers is mean tempered and downright dangerous. Jack constantly questions why she keeps him around.

A basset hound Jack and Phin adopt when Phin moves in and they have Samantha in 2012.

Tequila Abernathy
A mob enforcer who crosses paths with Jack in Shot of Tequila. He's a career criminal, but when he gets framed for a murder, he and Jack find themselves with a similar goal—catching the real killer.

Alan Daniels
Jack's ex-husband. The one true love of Jack's life, who left because he couldn't handle the pressures of being married to a cop. But even though they are divorced, their relationship is anything but over. He dies in Cherry Bomb in 2009.

Latham Conger
Jack's boyfriend, sort of. Their on-again/off-again relationship is constantly threatened because Latham is constantly threatened; by the maniacs that Jack hunts. He dies at the end of Fuzzy Navel in 2008.

Mortimer Hughes and Phil Blasky
Chicago's Medical Examiner and Assistant Medical Examiner.

Officer Scott Hajek
Lead on Chicago PD's Crime Scene Team—he's a techie who records and gathers evidence at murder scenes. Had a falling out with Jack in 2009.

Talon Avalon
In the futuristic Timecaster series, Talon is a cop in 2064 Chicago, when crimes have practically eliminated. He's the son of Samanatha and the grandson of Jack and Phin. Jack, Phin, and Harry Mcglade's grandson Harry McGlade III appear in the Timecaster series. Talon's wife is named Victoria—she's a State Licensed Prostitute—his former mentor is named Michio Sata, and his former best friend turned mortal enemy is Teague Van Camp.

Tom Mankowski
A homicide detective who used to work under Jack Daniels until she retired. Tom's cases tend to be more horrific and speculative than Jack's. He appears in Cherry Bomb, Shaken, Stirred, The List, Haunted House. Tom's partner is Detective Roy Lewis, his girlfriend is a Hollywood producer named Joan DeVilliers.

Charles and Alex Kork
Brother and sister serial killers. Alex was briefly married to Harry McGlade under the name Holly Frakes. Charles died in 2004 in Whiskey Sour, Alex died in 2009 in Cherry Bomb.

Barry Fuller
The serial killer in Bloody Mary. Died in 2005.

The Chemist
The serial poisoner/arsonist in Dirty Martini. Died in 2007.

Mr. K
A serial killer Jack had hunted for twenty years. Died in Shaken, 2010.

Captain Bains
Jack's boss when she was on the force. She respected him, but didn't necessarily like him.

Dr. Frank Belgium, Sunshine Jones, Andrew Dennison, Bub
They appear in Origin. Andy is a translator who knows archaic languages, Sun is a veterinarian, Belgium is a biologist with a speech impediment where he repeats words. Bub is Satan. Or not. You have to read Origin to understand fully.

Josh, Fran, and Duncan VanCamp
They appear in Afraid. Josh was a firefighter, Fran a waitress, Duncan her son. They married after the book ended, and have a fat beagle named Woof and a hyper-intelligent capuchin monkey named Mathison.

Moni Draper
A former prostitute who survived an encounter with Charles Kork. She appears in Haunted House.

Mallory and Deborah Deiter
Mal is a reporter. Lost his hand in Endurance. Deb is a triathlete who lost both her legs. They also appear in Haunted House.

Sara Randhurst
The sole survivor of Trapped. A former teen counsellor. She becomes romantically entangled with Frank Belgium in Haunted House.

Ajax, Bernie, Santiago, and Taylor
The serial killer commandos from Afraid. Taylor was also in Truck Stop, Trapped, and Serial Killers Uncut. All are deceased as of 2009.

Lester Packs
The main serial killer in Trapped. Filed his teeth down to points. Died in 2010. Or did he?


Konrath also has another Kindle World with Ann Voss Peterson featuring characters from their Codename: Chandler universe. That series centers around seven female spies, and features a lot of action, thrills, sex, and suspense.


You may use these following characters in combination with any Jack Daniels and Associates character, but ONLY in the Codename: Chandler Kindle World.

The Instructor

If you would like to use any of these characters, refer to the Codename: Chandler Kindle World for dossiers.


Konrath and Peterson have collaborated with many other authors, and those authors own characters that appear in Konrath's books. Here are a few examples of characters that should never appear in a Jack Daniels and Associates Kindle Worlds title:

Luther Kite (Shaken, Stirred, and Last Call)
Andrew Thomas (Shaken, Stirred, and Last Call)
Lucy (Stirred and Last Call)
David Lund (Spree)
Val Ryker (Spree)
Javier Estrada (Spree)
Isaiah Brown (Spree)

If in doubt about using a character, contact Joe at joekonrath@comcast.net, and ask if it is allowed.