Dead on My Feet Joe Konrath here with some updates.

DEAD ON MY FEET, my latest mystery novel, is available in ebook and paper on Amazon. It will soon be available as an audiobook on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible, read by Bob Walkenhorst.

DEAD ON MY FEET stars Phineas Troutt (who appears in most of the Jack Daniels books) and takes place in 2007. It features lots of thrills, lots of laughs, some romance, and a few surprises. Those surprises include extended appearances by Jack Daniels and Harry McGlade.

You can pick it up cheap as an ebook and as a paperback.


Later in May, the new Jack Kilborn horror book, CLOSE YOUR EYES, will be released. And in July, the eleventh Jack Daniels thriller, WHITE RUSSIAN. Then, later this year, two more Phin Troutt thrillers, and the long-awaited conclusion to the Timecaster trilogy.

Close Your Eyes  White Russian


Dead on My Feet My young adult zombie novel, GRANDMA?, which I wrote with my son, Talon Konrath, is free for the first time. Pick up the ebook here.

The audiobook of GRANDMA?, along with my last four audiobooks, have all been read by Bob Walkenhorst, who is a real life rock star best known for his work with his band, The Rainmakers. I also play the voice of Harry McGlade in those productions. If you enjoy audiobooks, check them out.

Last Call Fans are probably aware that I've co-authored many titles with my frequent collaborator, Ann Voss Peterson. We also swap characters and do crossovers. Her Wisconsin cop, Val Ryker, has appeared in a few of my Jack Daniels novels. The latest was LAST CALL. Jack and Harry have also appeared in the Val Ryker books. Ann has a new series called Small Town Secrets. The first book, LETHAL, is available now. There will be ten books in this series, and Val, Jack, and Harry will appear in many of them. Watch my website and Ann's for updates and timelines for which characters appear in which books.

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